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Tired of chasing leads? How about spending hours on the phone trying to get someone to pickup?

Your solution is Magic Follow Up. This one app will allow you to recover your time while instantly increasing sales and signups.

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Save time and energy with our convenient All-In-One CRM platform.

Magic Follow Up completely eliminates the need for multiple apps and platforms, because we offer:

✅ A Funnel & Website Builder (inc. built-in templates)

✅ Surveys and Forms

✅ Pipeline & Lead Management

✅ Online Appointment Scheduling

✅ Automated SMS/Email Campaigns

✅ Online Appointment Scheduling

✅ 2-Way Texting

✅ Collect Payments

✅ Social and Search Ad Reports

✅ And So Much More!

We’ve Got You Covered

Surveys, Forms and Emails

Build UNLIMITED lead forms, survey forms and add in a drag and drop email builder!

Franchise ready

With our TOP templates, your franchisee's can replicate results throughout your system

Landing Pages/Websites

Build custom landing pages and sales funnels


Our separate SEO services work because we continue to evolve them as the industry changes.

Email Marketing

One of the biggest challenges in business is retaining customers. Let’s face it, the consumer attention span is very short. If you go dark for too long, you’ll be forgotten and replaced. Email marketing is a proven way to keep your brand top of mind. Even if customers don’t need your products or services today, they’ll remember seeing your brand in their inbox when the time is right.

We’ll Show You How It’s Done

Magic Follow Up is a professional interactive marketing firm providing a full range of valuable

solutions to successfully establish and grow your brand online. Magic Follow Up is diverse and

provides a variety of digital services to businesses & individuals, including Identity Design, Web

Design, Web Development, Web Hosting, Search Engine Optimization/SEO, Social Media

Marketing and more.


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